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RB Global Team Members

Our corporate roles represent a diverse range of teams, each playing a crucial role in driving the company's success.

Your Work

Corporate team members play a crucial role in keeping everything moving forward smoothly.

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Support Services

This includes providing support services to salespeople and operations teams to empower those who serve the customers, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

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Stronger Together

Corporate roles also provide a critical bridge to our employees, answering questions about benefits, paychecks, hiring practices and more. Or your role may include producing buyer and seller statements, invoicing, taxes, communications and marketing and client events.

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Expand your network

As a member of the corporate team, you would continually be expanding your network across the company through cross-functional collaboration with team members around the world.

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Here everyone embraces a “can do” attitude, and there’s never a sentiment of “that’s not my role.” Everyone partners together, no matter their department or role to help solve challenges while stretching decision-making and leadership abilities.

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Client Services

For clients, your role may include producing buyer and seller statements, invoicing, taxes, communications and marketing and client events.

Tim, Director, Financial Operations, US & LATAM

”Both the corporate culture and the local office culture create a work environment that employees absolutely love and do not want to leave. This is why we have so many long-tenured employees.”

Tim, Director, Financial Operations, US & LATAM

Ritchie Bros. Breda - European Head office Concordiastraat 20, 4811 NB, Breda, The Netherlands, Europe.

Career development

Expand your career journey
with lateral or upward mobility

2 members of the RB Global team

Growth matters to us – personal and professional. We want to provide you with the flexibility to pursue new avenues within the company and the support for your career aspirations.

By working across regions and departments, you can get to know other departments/divisions and employees to help you determine where you might like your career journey to take you. We even help facilitate connections to test things before you make the jump.

An RB Global team member

Because we are a large global company, you will have more career progression options across departments, compared to similar organizations that are much smaller with limited roles available.

We stand behind learning and development, particularly leadership development. Our investment is you and your team members. You’ll get access to more than 3,000 online classes and programs to help stay up to date with essential skills and even become technical trainers or subject matter experts if you so choose.


No matter what role you play on the corporate team, unity and a common purpose bring everyone together.

Our footprint across the globe is made smaller through collaboration and building smaller communities within our international company.
Departments have the flexibility to arrange their own team-building initiatives. Regular global town halls led by the CEO and other senior leaders allow employees to ask questions and receive live, direct responses, fostering a culture of open communication where everyone’s voice matters.

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