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Ritchie Bros. Financial Services

customers get
financing and

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services expertise ensures customers find the right financial plan to reduce costs and manage their expenses effectively when purchasing equipment.

The Work

We eliminate the hassle while impacting the bottom line

We are faster and more flexible than traditional banks. Providing Ritchie Bros. customers and buyers with financing means they are receiving speed, ease and convenience from us.
With less hassle and time involved, customers can start to earn money with their equipment before even beginning to pay for it.

What to Expect

We deliver on our
commitment to the customer

We also support and trust team members to do the right thing.

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Ritchie Bros. Financial Services believe in recognizing efforts toward good work with bonuses, awards, as well as “shout outs” verbally, via email, newsletters and messaging.

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No one’s path is the same, but in Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, you have access to ongoing training programs to help you grow personally and professionally. As part of the RB Global organization, you have a range of learning opportunities.

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Collaborate with team members, but have the autonomy to excel and freedom to explore in your own way.

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We’re the fastest growing service in the GB global brand, providing lots of opportunity for growth and new projects.

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Whether you see an opportunity for growth within your role, department or Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, no idea is ever a bad idea.

The Team

Tight‒knit group of trusted colleagues, doing what's best for the customer

As part of RB Global, Ritchie Bros. Financial Services helps thousands of customers every year finance trucks and equipment purchased at auctions, dealers, and private sales.  Our teams pull together to deliver the best to Ritchie Bros. customers by emphasizing collaboration and hard work, lifted up by also having plenty of fun together. The Ritchie Bros. Financial Services team is a tight-knit and inclusive group where individuals support and trust each other because they follow through on their commitment to the customer and each other.
Ritchie Bros. Financial Services also achieves together as a team. This is what solidifies our commitment to the customer and helps us meet our goals.

An appreciative work community
Additionally, Ritchie Bros. Financial Services fosters a supportive and appreciative community where colleagues, leadership and the company alike recognize each other's hard work, creating a positive and caring environment and the culture is second to none!
Laura, Supervisor, Operations


Supervisor, Operations

“I’ve never worked with so many people that I have just enjoyed being around. We really connect as friends.”

Luke, Sales Orientation & Operations Manager


Sales Orientation & Operations Manager

"Leadership opportunities here are a real thing. We ensure our people get the training they need to grow and develop their skills."

Monica Account Manager


Account Manager

"The flexible working hours here allow me to continue with my passion, which is teaching piano after work."

Johnson, Lead, Operations


Lead, Operations

"I started here two years ago and have already been promoted twice. Now I'm in a leadership role. I'm proof that if you work hard here, you'll be recognized."

Mike Sales Supervisor


Sales Supervisor

"It's really important to me that customer phone calls are returned within 30 minutes and that emails are answered within 15 minutes. That's our level of service."

Christian Group Sales Manager


Group Sales Manager

"My job is to develop people — to use the latest management tools and trends to help individuals advance their skills and their careers. That's my passion."

Katrina, Training & Development Specialist, RBFS

”Every individual plays an important role in Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, and every department is recognized for their value in the overall financing process. Not to mention, you can build your customer base quickly with built-in prospecting.”

Katrina, Training & Development Specialist, RBFS

It’s not just about numbers

Grow with hands-on experience and training

2 members of the RB Global team

to achieve

Work in a positive and collaborative environment while having fun.

An RB Global team member

Enjoy continuous improvement

You have the opportunity to experience and work with new products and initiatives or with formal career development and growth.


Professional & Personal Growth

Your career path in Ritchie Bros. Financial Services

Growth with learning and development
In Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, you will enjoy growth in many forms and plentiful resources to help grow professionally and personally.

In addition to a robust onboarding program, the learning and development lunches, the Six Leadership Competencies for growth/development and the Art of Leadership Conference are just a few of the examples where you can learn and grow.
Career path
There are many paths within RBFS, but most start out as an account manager, contract management specialist or credit specialist. You can grow your book of customers and develop a career in sales and then progress into other areas of leadership, managing a portfolio of customers. People leadership is also an option with the global RB Global brands.
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