Power innovation and
improve efficiency

RB Global Team Members

You will benefit from challenging and meaningful work as a transformational change agent in technology.

If you want to work in a large corporation with the nimble
nature of a start-up, this is the place for you.

The Work

Stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends

Integral to our success, you will stay up to date with tech trends and advancements to enable our growth and market competitiveness.

Get to know our roles – so you can choose yours

Your career on the technology
team can focus on products or
business systems

The product team icon

The Product Team

The Product Technology Team focuses on building valuable products for customers related to corporate goals. This includes online sales and financial tools/products. It can also include internal products that help keep our employees involved and engaged to do their jobs on a daily basis.

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IT Business Systems

The IT Business Systems Team manages back-office systems such as Oracle, Salesforce and Salesite, providing support for global team members. The team, composed of full-time and contract employees, consists of engineers, product owners, and quality assurance staff who develop and maintain these systems.

Karen, Data and Analytics Manager

”We seem to be continuously growing with training opportunities continuing to arise and be created/developed. We have outsourced training, and we continue to strive to make sure our employees are given opportunities to grow in their career and as people."

Karen, Data and Analytics Manager

What to Expect

Making an impact with your
technology career includes:

Driving innovation Icon

Driving innovation with the company will feed your entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll be keeping up with the latest technologies on the horizon and bringing forward new ideas, as well as continuously exploring the new solutions, tools and methodologies to improve the company.

Improving employee experience Icon

Improving employee experience by developing and maintaining software tools, websites and other digital platforms that facilitate smooth and efficient workflows for internal teams, boosting productivity of employees, as well as customers for our overall success.

Impacting customers Icon

Impacting customers with buyer- and seller-facing products. Technology team members are directly responsible for developing and maintaining these products (websites and software tools) to create intuitive and seamless experiences for our customers and enhancing their satisfaction.

Enabling growth Icon

Enabling growth with every major technology initiative. As a technology team member, your main job will be to streamline process, optimize systems and implement innovation solutions to contribute to the success of the team and company. These initiatives can include large-scale digital transformation projects, automation of manual tasks or the integration of new technologies that result in cost savings, increased revenue, and improved operational performance.

Ensuring business continuity Icon

Ensuring business continuity by minimizing disruptions or downtime in business operations by providing the reliable operation and maintenance of the company's systems and infrastructure. By proactively monitoring and managing IT resources, addressing vulnerabilities, and implementing robust security measures, they ensure the stability, availability, and security of critical system – vital work to the function of our business.

It’s really up to you

Where will your path in continual
innovation take your career?

We provide a continuous development environment, allowing each employee
to grow in the desired direction, supported by strong leadership and mentors, learning and training and clear career paths.

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Get qualified
while on the job

In all career areas, but particularly technology, we recognize the importance of staying updated with the latest technical skills. This is why we allocate budget for certifications, conferences and trainings, keeping our employees sharp in the industry.

An RB Global team member

Our leaders help shape your career

Whether it’s a structured career ladder approach, or learning where you want to grow for the future, you are in charge of your destiny, and your managers and team members are there to support you. Whether it’s management or a technical career track, you have options to grow while in technology. You can work on large-scale projects and begin leading small teams. You may even want to specialize in a particular technology and become an expert at the company and in your field.


Become a core part of
our experienced team

Our company is known for long-standing careers and employees.

Flexible work Icon

Flexible work

Most of the team enjoys a flexible and remote environment with the autonomy to prioritize their day in their way.

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Latest technology

Technology enables employees to work a core set of hours that flex as needed for optimal life balance. Occasionally large initiatives are launched during peak times, but flexibility is provided to make up for any abnormal hours.

Transparency and Communication Icon

Transparency and Communication

The culture of transparency and communication with senior leaders – tech leadership, CISO and CEO – allows the technology team visibility and insight into the company.