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Not only is every single team member crucial to our success, but we also intentionally encourage and enable career movement laterally and upward.

The Work

Your role in a high-performing, collaborative team

RB Global operates hundreds of facilities around the world and we are passionate about serving as active members within those communities. It’s about more than being good corporate citizens, it’s about every employee and every customer feeling valued and supported right where they are.
Our focus is on driving success for everyone. You have the opportunity to collaborate on interesting projects in an ever-evolving company to continually enhance your skills and expand your network.
Ros, HR Business Partner, APAC

”RB Global presents unlimited opportunities for candidates that are committed to their growth and progress. We provide a mix of internal and external learning and development methods that are flexible and support all learning styles.”

Ros, HR Business Partner, APAC


Freedom to drive your
career forward

RB Global team collaborating.

Collaborate and deliver results

Everyone plays an important role and makes an impact. Work in a fast-paced and challenging environment. We have high standards with a performance-driven culture that is rewarded and recognized for a job well done. Employees in the field receive constant exposure to new experiences, challenges and problem-solving – every day is a different opportunity.

RB Global team experience autonomy and accountability.

Experience autonomy and accountability

Every single team member is encouraged to have their own voice and is provided with the freedom, autonomy and resources to complete their job and take ownership of their work. Our focus is on making sound decisions, delivering good performance and continuously learning.

RB Global team brainstorming.

Challenge yourself and learn

No matter the role or department, the day-to-day schedule is a dynamic mix. Whether you are fascinated by the equipment itself, the customers, or the technology that connects buyers and sellers, the work provides opportunities to learn more day after day.

RB Global team disucssing an issue.

Make an impact

Everyone plays an important role and make an impact both on the company and the customers. Each role matters to the overall success of our business.

Ezra, Yard and Equipment Manager

”Our yard and branch based team members lay the foundation for our customer service, as they are often the first interaction with our customers. They have a responsibility to treat everyone the same and provide the best service and safety advice to all of our customers. Making sure that all customers feel welcome, safe and heard in our yard.”

Ezra, Yard and Equipment Manager


Facts & Statistics

Count the ways we’re different

Opportunities at global companies are unlimited.

We want you to know what sets us apart.

25% of RB Global’s Board are women.

We set a goal on director selection guidelines to maintain at least 25% of women on our Board.

RB Team Member

36% of all employees are women

And 33% of which are in executive management.

Three RB Girls

Locations in 13 countries

We operate globally with locations in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Japan and the Netherlands.

RB Warehouse

10k+ Employees

Over 9K in North America and 1K Internationally, total of 10K plus employees globally.

10K Employees

$600K+ given in donations or sponsorships

We focus on advancing DEIB, ending homelessness & hunger, relieving disaster and providing employment training.

600K dollars DEIB

4 Employee Resource Network with additional support groups

Help team members navigate the workplace with inclusive and equitable program initiatives.

RB Team Member Help

4 ESG Pillars

Our four pillars of ESG is where we tie each of our 11 priority focus areas where RB Global is positioned to have the greatest impact.

RB Pillars Team Member